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Authentic And Traditional Greek Food Recipes

Greek Cooking And Greek Recipes

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Greek Recipes

 The Collection


This is the collection of authentic and traditional Greek food recipes from a Greek chef,with over 30 years experience.

All recipes on this website have been cooked and tasted. Cooking times may vary depending on appliance.


TzatzikiPrawns Saganaki Recipe

Wash the cucumbers whole with the peel, cut the edges and  grate from the thick side of a grater. …Full Recipe


Prepare your ingredients.Peel the prawns keeping the tail and head.…Full Recipe

Greek Beef Stifado


In a large pan heat the oil well. Put through portions of meat and sauté until brown from all sides.…Full Recipe

Greek food is well known around the globe for it’s high quality as well as the taste.

Traditional Greek  food can often be described as an example of the healthful Mediterranean diet while sharing food together with family and friends is among the most important aspects of the Greek tradition.

Greek cooking recipes includes fresh ingredients, like garlic, onions, greens, zucchini, oranges, grapes, apples and figs, in to a wide variety of local recipes a few of which can be traced to Ancient Greece.

Seasonings and natural herbs such as dill, mint, oregano and thyme additionally used in Greek cooking,whereas extra virgin olive oil is usually included in almost every Greek food recipe.

Wheat, rice and various meats, usually lamb, and also poultry, pork, ground beef and seafood, shape the basic Greek diet.

Greek food has generally been very healthy, focused in ingredients like olive oil, honey, goats milk and also cheese, nut products,  fresh fruit, greens, vegetables, lamb and fish.

A great deal of Greek cooking was influenced by the surrounding nations.

More than anything, Greek food is famous for it's seasonal wide variety, focusing around essential religious holidays of Easter, Christmas, New Years and May Day.

Just like nowadays, Greek food have been known as a gathering in order to meet and interact socially with others.

The wealthy Greeks would organise intellectual dining events filled with philosophical conversation, together with plenty of food and wine, and restricted to men only.

Those typically started with a glass of homemade wine and honey plus some bread. An appetizer was accompanied by fruits, then a sea food and meat dish. This was just the initial stage.

When this had been over, a dessert course of pies along with fresh fruits, nuts, cheese and sweet wine may follow.

Unfortunately, the recipes used for these kind of delightful dinner parties has long been lost through the years.

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