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Authentic And Traditional Greek Food Recipes

Greek Cooking And Greek Recipes

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4 Seasons In The Greek  Kitchen


Spring spells the end of the slow-simmered casseroles, the dried beans, chickpeas and hearty meat stews.

The kitchen literally acquires a lighter character as the sun gets warmer and the days get longer…more

The season of the Greek islands; of standing on island quays to watch fishing boats unload their catch; of living outdoors, even if that only means a small balcony in a block of flats in hot, noisy, cosmopolitan Athens…more

As the end of August approaches and as the sun begins to lose its dazzling brilliance, the first sign of the impending autumn is the sudden, eerie stillness in the olive groves (and even in our small garden) as the birds stop singing… more

Throughout the winter, the streets in Greek towns and villages are very often deserted and quiet.The summer visitors would no longer recognize the Greek islands, which now seem eerie and almost abandoned.

Greek life has definitely moved indoors… more

Moussaka ( Traditional )

Moussaka -Traditional

Meatballs with sauce

Meatballs with sauce

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