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Authentic And Traditional Greek Food Recipes

Greek Cooking And Greek Recipes

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The Greek Diet

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Greeks have always experienced balanced and healthy diet without knowing it.

Based on a current research comparing the life spans of men and women all over the European countries, Greeks live the longest.

This might be a result of the way they eat by balancing intake of food with moderate physical exercise.

Today's nutrition community discovered again the “Greek diet,” and is convinced that this clarifies the key reason why Greeks suffer from a lot fewer deaths from serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke compared to other Europeans. The traditional Greek diet revolves around heart healthy mono-unsaturated extra virgin olive oil. For generations, the individuals located across the Mediterranean have experienced strong health and very long lives.

Researchers starting from late 19th century had been puzzled with this phenomenon and they only started to understand this enigma in the late 1980s.

This had already been believed that the health and well being associated with the Mediterranean people is probably related to their traditional eating habits.

The fact is, the latest analysis which tested more than 20, 000 individuals from a Greek city confirmed these suspicions.

The standard Greek food eating habits was found to have powerful health advantages by protecting against heart issues, most cancers, hypertension, in addition to a number of other health conditions, increasing life span in the process.

In combination with keeping serious health conditions under control, the traditional Greek Diet was additionally identified for being a great way to lose weight and keep it off.

A lot of people suffering from weight problems have benefited significantly from the Greek Food diet after most diet plans and even weight loss pills did not help them manage their weight.

The main advantage of the traditional Greek eating style is that you simply will no longer need to feed on tasteless meals in an effort to lose weight and feel great!

The Greek diet consists of extremely delicious meals all enriched with nutritious vegetables and fruits, salads, olives and also vegetarian recipes.

Additionally, it includes several really delightful seafood dishes.

Extra virgin olive oil is commonly used which is rich in mono saturates a healthy fat, which is low in cholesterol.

If you would like to live the life-style of and become healthier just like the Greeks then it is definitely worth exploring what they actually eat.

Right now there is fresh, actually stronger analysis backing up the Mediterranean diet plan as a way to protect against vascular diseases.

This diet consists of large amounts of extra virgin olive oil, many fruits, fresh vegetables, nut products, and fish. Minimal amounts of red meat or processed meats and sensible quantities of dairy products and wines. Now how can you really make the change?

Begin with little steps, starting up your effort using these five guidelines:

1. Sauté foods with extra virgin olive oil, not butter.

2. Consume much more vegetables and fruits by having these for a snack, or including them to different recipes.

3. Consider whole grains rather than refined breads and pastas.

4. Replace red meat for fish at the very least two times each week.

5. Reduce high-fat dairy products.

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Appetizers & Salads  –  Soups    Main Dishes ( Meat )  Pasta  Rice  Vegetarian Dishes   Fish-Seafood

  Poultry Game   Sweets Desserts)  Cheeses   Herbs And Spices