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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil offers many health benefits. In addition to being a great cooking aid, it's also proven to possess special medical properties. Many of them are as follows:

Help reduce Heart related illnesses:  

Olive oil contains 70% mono-unsaturated fatty acid. Because of this, it decreases cholesterol build-up in the blood vessels and lowers heart related illnesses. It will reduce the LDL, and boost HDL levels.

LDL cholesterol is the harmful kind of cholesterol, which will increases the risk of heart attacks and  cardiovascular disease.

Extra virgin olive oil,  containing more than 50 antioxidant substances,which can help eliminate the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Losing weight:

Healthcare specialists claim that it is rather difficult to put on weight from mono-unsaturated fat found in extra virgin olive oil.

Tests including Greek olive oil show impressive results regarding the reduction in body weight.


Olive oil improves the metabolism, the development of good bone structure, as well as brain growth in youngsters. It is a great source of vitamin E, which can be very good for the elderly.


Olive oil is known to help  the digestion process. It is used like a medicinal oil to clean out the intestinal tract and to improve bowel movement.


High in anti-oxidants, extra virgin olive oil slows down the natural process of aging of the body. Found in beauty products and all-natural herbal treatment, olive oil really does amazing things for your skin, which gets a healthy shine and glow .

Healthier Cells :

Olive oil includes poly phenol that helps build tougher cell walls. Additionally, it improves the flexibility of arterial walls, protecting from many heart problems.


Olive oil is known to safeguard the body from cancerous growth, particularly bowel cancer. Medical research carried out at the  Oxford University has shown positive signs that  olive oil can prevent the grow of rectum and bowel cancer. In the united kingdom, bowel cancer is probably the most common type of cancer, and kills nearly 20 thousand people each year.

Breast cancer:

Latest research study indicates that hydroxytyrosol, a significant antioxidant element of olive oil can  protect against cancer of the breast in  women.

High blood pressure:

Mediterranean diet which includes  foods rich in unsaturated fats (present in extra virgin olive oil and nut products) and nitrate (present in  greens and vegetables) can help protect you from high blood pressure.


Greek extra virgin olive oil has a very long historical past which begins in mythology, but lost nothing of its quality and health benefits as the years progressed. It’s a super food which is a staple of most of the healthiest diet programs in the world, having countless of recognized benefits.

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