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Greek Olive Oil

Olive oil is the oil extracted from olives, by using mechanical or various other  techniques in specific temperatures .

Simply speaking, olive oil is made by mashing the olives  and getting its juice .

Based on the characteristics, olive oil is categorized in many types.

Extra virgin olive oil is definitely of the finest quality and the most high-priced olive oil.

The  connection of Greece with olive oil is traced thousands of years in to the past.

Recently available data shows the growing of olive trees during the Neolithic time and information is found for the production of olive oil in ancient Greece.

Besides it’s apparent nutritional purposes, olive oil was used for healthcare purposes, as well as a popular beauty good, and as fuel for lighting dark places.

Olive oil was in fact an important element of ancient Greek economy and politics.

It was so important that the winning prize in the  Olympic Games was "kotinos", an olive wreath made from olive tree branches.

Currently Greece is one of the world’s top three  producers of olive oil and the usage ratio is large.

The flavour of Greek olive oil is remarkable. Until the recent past, the wonderful taste of Greek olive oil had been word of mouth.

 But , recently, unique variations of Greek olive oil have amazed industry experts worldwide in international contests, winning prizes and awards for its qualities.

The fruity tastes detected in the olive oil, its pleasing bitterness on the tongue along with a lasting aromatic sensation which goes all the way through the mouth into the throat.

Have a piece of bread. You may toast it if you prefer.

Pour some Greek Extra virgin olive oil on it. Sprinkle some Greek oregano and if you like it salty, add a pinch of salt.

You are ready to try  the world’s quickest and easiest snack.

Greek extra virgin olive oil can also be used as a salad dressing. Apply only a small quantity to boost the flavours of vegetables, without overpowering or modifying their taste.

It  combines perfect with lemon juice, vinegar (wine or balsamic ) and makes a superb match for aromatic natural herbs.

Should your cooking involves the use of oil, then use Greek olive oil. Also consider olive oil, when your recipe requires frying.

Olive oil’s burning  point is 410 F, allowing it to be perfect for cooking, stir-frying and deep frying.

Greek or Italian Olive Oil?

Most people generally like Italian olive oil, and lots of bottles of oil are packaged to indicate their Italian identity.  

However the truth is, whenever you purchase a bottle of olive oil which states Italian on the label, when you take a look at the small print you can see that what you are actually  buying is Italian oil mixed together with olive oil from various countries,  particularly with high quality  extra virgin olive oil from Greece.

Greece  grow a lot more olives than they can use so they can sell their extra olives to Italy.

Italy uses and also exports a lot more olive oil than their farmers can produce.  

Organic extra-virgin olive oil coming from Greece tastes equally good, or even better, compared to olive oil from a different nation, but it cost less to produce.

Italian companies buy Greek olive oil, blend it with their own and sell it back to you , as Italian product.  

Importing and also blending Greek extra virgin olive oil with Italian  is becoming typical , in order to satisfy demand for healthy extra virgin oil.

Finest quality, superb tasting Greek olive oil, produced with care and love in the gorgeous Greek country side.

 Hand selected and cold pressed is it being re packed as high quality Italian olive oil.

Next time  look very closely at the label. Your bottle of Italian extra virgin olive oil is more than likely Greek.  

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