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Kokoretsi is the most important meze dish on Easter Sunday table. As the lamb or the goat is cooking, the kokoretsi which grilled on the spit also , is cooked already and together with other delicious mezedes and wines will keep company to people with the sounds of happy Greek folklore popular music. The recipe can differ a little from place to place but,  the actual concept is the same.

Just like magiritsa it needs time , however the final result will be worth the effort.

         INGREDIENTS : ( for 6-8 people  ) Coming from 2 lambs:


  1. You begin with the intestines which can be probably the most challenging bit to the entire process. They must be washed inside out very well and bear in mind in kokoretsi you keep the intestines whole.
  2. When you have cleaned the intestines, allow them to soak for a while inside a  bowl filled with water together with some plain wine vinegar.
  3. After that strain, rinse them once more, and wash them again. Let them drain well .
  4. Proceed with the organs . Wash very well and chop them in to medium sized pieces, of about 7cm. Now let them drain in a colander and sprinkle with loads of salt, pepper and oregano.
  5. Start passing a metal spit through the pieces in turns. One piece of liver, then one piece of heart, one piece of lung etc .
  6. Continue doing the same till you have used all the offal pieces .
  7. Once you finish, cover the kokoretsi with the intestines. Get one intestine and pin one end  at the top part of the spit to hold it  then pulling straight down (lengthwise)  you get to the other edge of the spit where you pin it again.
  8. You continue this process up and down 3-4 times and after that you start to wrap the intestine around the kokoretsi .
  9. When the first intestine finish connect it using the beginning from the next intestine and carry on till all the intestines are used and the kokoretsi is  covered without any meat uncovered.
  10. Inside a bowl put olive oil, lemon juice and oregano and mix well.
  11. If you cook the kokoretsi on charcoal fire you must place it  high from the heat

         and allow it to cook gradually without getting burnt .

  1. When it's half cooked you'll be able to move it more close to the fire.
  2. Whilst is cooking you need to keep brushing it frequently using the olive oil mix to keep it succulent and to give it  extra flavour.
  3. When it is cooked you slice it using a sharp knife into pieces and you push them down and off the spit.
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