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There are many different methods to store herbs. Many is more efficient compared to others. It really is all a question of personal preference. Read through and choose what is going to meet your needs.

The very first technique which often most people find simple is usually freezing. There is couple of methods to freeze natural herbs. You may pick up the fresh leaves and place them on a tray inside the freezer. As soon as the leaves are frozen fully, simply put them inside a  bag, marking the bag with the date and also the contents, and put it back again inside the freezer. Just do not be expecting the herbs  to appear like fresh once they defrost them. They will still be perfect for cooking.

A different way to freeze  herbs is one of my absolute favourites. Fill up an ice cube dish with all the  leaves from the herb  you want. Fill the tray with water and deep freeze. Once the ice cubes have thoroughly frozen, separate them and place them into freezer bags that you've labelled. After that you can remove them from the freezer a single cube each time to add to soups, sauces, as well as other recipes.

It is possible to store dried herbs in the freezer too.  This will preserve them from turning into musty from being kept very long. This is an excellent preventive approach in the event you didn't allow the herbs dry out long enough. Many times you believe the herbs are dried out however, you discover later they are mouldy inside the jars. What this means is water still  within the leaves. Whenever you freeze the dried herbs, if there is any water, this will never affect the herbs.

Often you will discover you can easily keep dried herbs inside  containers. The ideal container is definitely one which will not allow in light. You will find lots of  jars with tight fitting covers and even rubber seals. These are definitely the ideal storage containers. Using a darker coloured container or bottle the light can not reach the herbs. Ensuring that the cover seals correctly guarantees no air will get into your herbs, either

Storing natural herbs in oil is yet a great way maintain the flavour. Given that the oil remains fresh you are able to keep your herbs. Make certain the leaves are dried up and place in to an oil filled container. This would preserve the flavour. In the event the oil goes bad, which normally occurs within 6 months approximately, the herbs have to be thrown away. One of many advantages of keeping the herbs in the oil is that you will end up with a herbal oil which can be outstanding in cooking.