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 (Arni Sti Souvla)

Lamb on the spit (Arni Sti Souvla) is the standard Greek technique for cooking lamb at Easter.

This is the only occasion in Greece that families will cook lamb that way, then again, this recipe can be perfect for cooking  lamb for a big party anytime of  the year.

In Greece, Easter Sunday is certainly a sociable event .

People from the local community, friends, relatives  will be invited, and they will be arriving slowly in the early morning, carrying food , sweets as well as bottles of their preferred wines.

Almost everyone will have a go at rotating the spit, or perhaps assisting to other preparations, and  big tables are ready for all to sit together to eat and drink.

Full lambs has been purchased and on Easter Saturday the lambs will be prepared looking forward to an early start on  Easter Sunday.

Preparation :

The instructions  listed below are for a whole lamb. You must use a rotisserie, possibly motorised or manually operated.

lamb on a spit

Create the cooking area :

Sunday morning :

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