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Authentic And Traditional Greek Food Recipes

Greek Cooking And Greek Recipes

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Start using a Slow Cooker

By using a slow cooker  you can utilize less expensive cuts of meat (that can help you save dollars in the store), also it uses a lot less energy compared to the oven . And you could cook a lot more than just stew with them . countless varieties of recipes can be created with this appliance.

Avoid wasting foods.

Give small children smaller sized servings. They can have more if they are still hungry. Let them have a half glass of fruit juice and a half sandwich so that you don’t waste  food.

Don’t throw it

Place food in the fridge soon after the meal is over so it doesn’t spoil. Make use of leftovers for lunches, in different meals or freeze in a single portion sizes for one fast snack.

Match Your pan To The Burner Size

Regardless of what you may believe, a larger burner does not necessarily mean meals will cook quicker.

When you use a smaller pan over a large burner, you're simply wasting energy. In case you decide to do this using a gas cooker, is in fact a safety hazard.

Work with large pots and pans on large burners and small pans on small burners.

Don't Remove The Lid.

Although cooking with the lid on is not suitable for all kinds of meals, whenever it is, make sure you use it.

A good fitting cover will keep the heat inside, therefore you’re able to cook at a reduced temperatures, and a lot quicker.

Close the Oven Door

Many people are guilty of cracking open the oven door  way too many times when cooking or baking, letting most of the heat to escape and wasting energy.

To avoid this, ensure that the oven shelves are correctly placed before you switch on the oven.

Additionally, take a note of the cooking time in order to avoid the need to check on the food too often when it's inside the oven.

Cook Using  Herbs and Spices

Spices or herbs are pricey. And the need to shop for new ones to create a recipe could significantly add to the cost you spend on a meal.

Take a look inside your spice cabinet to see what you have in stock.

Cooking with the herbs and spices you have in stock doesn't just save you money, but it will also let you use them up before they reduce their essence.

Make meals In Double Portions

Why don't you cook a double portion of the meal and freeze half for another day? You are not only save time, but you will also save on the cost of electricity or gas required to prepare  another meal from scratch.

Making a cake?

Use the oven's heat to bake potatoes or other foods at the same time. When you turn off the oven, leave the door ajar to dissipate the heat into the room.

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